Goltra Castings

Made And Melted In The USA

Gears | Valves | Flanges | Custom steel castings from 8 ounces to 200 pounds

American companies reduce their total cost of ownership and benefit from unparalleled surface finishes when they buy from Goltra Castings. Goltra Castings is a small US foundry supplying air set, no-bake, and shell molded, steel gears, valves, flanges and custom castings. The foundry, just outside Denver, CO, offers an average microfinish of 200 RMS for US petrochemical, hydroelectric, construction, railroad, and automotive clients. Goltra Castings continually improves its production and logistics, proudly delivering cost-effective, ISO 9001:2008 certified quality products made in the USA.

Since 1967 Goltra Castings Offers

  • Molding: Green sand, shell, no-bake
  • Ladle Capacity: 96lbs, 200lbs, and 600lbs
  • Heat treat: 2 in-house furnaces
  • Finishing: Separate area for special alloys
  • Furnaces: 2100lbs & 1500lbs
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